about us!

Who We Are

Oak Tree Media is a Long Island NY based media firm. We specialize in web design, digital marketing, and IT services. As a small business, we get it. It’s tough out there. Between marketing, social media, graphics, websites, IT standing up, and SEO, it can be overwhelming. Oak Tree Media endeavors to take some of that pressure off you so you can focus on what’s important: running your business.

Orion is the owner of Oak Tree Media. He’s a San Antonio, Texas native that moved to Long Island after finishing his Cybersecurity Systems degree at St. John’s University in Queens. Orion is a veteran web designer, fluent in CSS and HTML, with a multitude of projects under his belt. His clients range from educational institutions to authors, food service industries to car washes. Whatever your business may be, Orion can make a website for it. Orion is an officer in the Army Reserve and an Eagle Scout and he also loves hiking and all things outdoors.

Antoinette is from Long Island, New York and also completed her undergraduate degree at St. John’s University. She majored in Communication Arts with a concentration in Media Management. She has worked with 5 small businesses thus far in her social media management career. Her clients are from a wide variety of fields including daycare, food service, car washes, local boutiques, athletics, and more. Antoinette can supply your business with a strong social media presence.