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Web Design:

We’re thrilled that you’re considering becoming a part of the Oak Tree Family! We understand that as a business owner or someone planning a wedding or event, handling website-related tasks might not be in your plans. Don’t worry; we’ve mastered the art of launching a site from start to finish. Let us take care of everything, from managing your DNS records, A records, domain registration, and SSL certificate procurement and renewal. If any of these technical aspects seem like a mystery to you, trust us, future you will thank present you for choosing a professional designer.

Our plans
monthly upkeep plans

A unique aspect of Oak Tree Media is our upkeep plans. Rather than you getting the site then being left in the cold, we offer upkeep on all our sites! All three packages are billed like this:

hosting costs
  • You pay the exact cost that we incur to host your site, usually around $15 a month. No up-charges here! You pay the EXACT cost that we get from the hosting provider.
Domain costs
  • You pay your domain costs. These range from $1 per month to $10 per month, depending on the domain you choose and how in demand it is. You guessed it, no up-charges.
offsite backup
  • $25 per month flat to run our 24 terabyte storage server and have every. single. change. backed up somewhere not in the cloud or on my computer. Should ANYTHING happen to your site, we can always restore from our backup.
hourly Billed edits and updates
  • The rest is up to you! We charge hourly for edits, updates, and changes. Any time we spend on the site optimizing, using Google Search Console, editing or changing, and running Analytics is all tracked with a summary of what was accomplished delivered with your monthly invoice. You can limit our hours, ask us for more, and take advantage of our 16/7 support (I should probably sleep at some point).

*Disclaimer: If price is prohibitive, talk to us. We’re human beings and we always prefer to hear about projects before we decide on a rate. Hit that big button down there, and let’s see what we can do!

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